Midwest Equity Assistance Center

Welcome to the Midwest Equity Assistance Center. The MEAC provides technical assistance, professional development, and information dissemination in race equity, gender equity and national origin equity to state and local educational agencies in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. At the request of public school districts, including charter and magnet schools, center staff provide a variety of free services and resources, including professional development workshops, institutes, conferences, and in-service training for teachers, administrators and parents.

April is Month of the Military Child

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A Long Road Documentary

This documentary highlights the experiences of five African American K-State icons. One desegregated a Kansas swimming pool, another integrated a neighborhood, and one began a football career as the first Black football player at Kansas State and ended it with the Green Bay Packers. Stories include Dr. Martin Luther King’s visit to K-State, the impact of his assassination, and a motivational segment that encourages us all, “If it is to be, it is up to me!” Click here to go to the Long Road Project page.

Equity Update October 2-3, 2014

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Part two of The Long Road podcast. The Long Road (see link above) is a documentary highlighting the lived experiences of five African American K-state Icons which have provided insight to multiple pioneering encounters. Dr. Charles Rankin, Dr. David Griffin, Dr. Juanita McGowen, Dr. Kathleen Greene and Mr. Veryl Swizter are featured in the film. Katherine converses with the five esteemed individuals in this podcast to share strategies that teachers in K-12 setting can employ when using the Long Road as a resource in the classroom. The enriched information is published in two parts. Part two highlights the significance of relationships between students and staff and recognizes the importance of community and support systems. To hear part one click on the link below.